88 Eagles translated THROUGH Gyll

I have been attracted to the eagle for over 20 years.

Not that I have been out in the wilderness observing them, but have them in my life through pictures, statues , books and jewelry.

After seeing the eagle everywhere, I went and started to read up on them.

 What is their significance to me?

The eagle as celebrated in the aboriginal culture was the first eagle I was introduced to. 

 From there, I was drawn closer to them. 

When I would see one I knew I was on my right path. 

The eagle is often a solar symbol, and can be linked to all sky gods. It signifies inspiration, release from bondage, victory, longevity, speed, pride, father and royalty; it is often an emblem for powerful nations.

In my words- they fly above the bullshit. They stay true to themselves no matter what.

I purchased a necklace with an eagle pendant that had a blue heart aqua color stone. 

This pendant became my guide. 

At night I sleep with it, talk to it and listen for her answers.

I began creating art based on my relationship to eagle's and to my flower garden. 

 My " Eagle Blossoms " 

Fast forward and the reason for this blog is,  one day my neighbor emailed me asking if I wanted some items he was giving away - my autoresponder is a link to my Eagle Blossoms Art--

 He then responded " Eagle? "

I have almost 100 Eagle  statues - figurines  if you want them?

My jaw almost fell to the floor.. I absolutely said YES!

He delivered them immediately ! Was I dreaming?

After cleaning them all up- I counted 88.

They are beautiful of all sizes. Stone, wood , different types of metal.

I decided to take a voyage committing myself  to be a disciple deeply listening to what each and every one came here to share with me so that I can share more of myself with you . 

Every morning I wake up and ask for an eagle to share her/his name and message.

I have created mixed media Art , random words of thoughts and small hand made gifts with their presence through me.  

This blog is the daily messages of the 88 Eagles.

Please Enjoy and Come back as often as you like!

The Voyage BEGINS of The 88 Eagles

The first one is of the largest one and white one-  named B.A.B.E.


Named after my cat who he passed away



A white cat with me for 15 years. He was 18 yrs old. 

Now, my Buddy in heaven. 

I dedicate this voyage to him. 

I love you B.A.B.E.

 Thank You for being here with me in my heart and all of  your 88 Eagle Friends :-) who came to bring me messages, reminders and kicks in the butt keeping me in alignment with my true self.

 His Page here  - Chill Out >

B-eautiful A-ngel W/ B-lue E-yes 

B-eautiful A-ngel B-eautiful E-agle

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Thank You!

A ho

Day 1 of 88

 Dec 14th 2020

-- Today is the first day of the rest of my life.


 Treat today like the first day of my life.
 Purity of my thought, purity of my lightness. 
Observe my surroundings for I created it. I created it. 
Play with my hands, play with my heart, love my creations, love my knowledge.
 I love this moment.
You cannot hold on to anything for it is space. It's all space. 
I created this into matter by the vibration. 
 The more I allow the unknown the more I can experience the on becoming .
 Be coming, coming attractions.
 New new new. 
I have been given the strength and lightness of  a feather.
 The eyes that can see farther. 
The eyes antenna that can hear the feeling senses that can feel.
 The balance to stand and to radiate and receive. Aura . Field. Space.
 I am a symbol to you to raise  even higher. To feel that wind beneath your wings. 
To sway play and fly fly fly. Ease grace and support. Support. Wings. My posse. Armor.
 Watching over you, beside you and next to you. 
 Elegant and edge.
 The eagle. 
Eagle blossom. 
Strength and grace. 
Ease and flow. 
Delicate and ferocious .
 Relaxed and aware